Annual Congresses



The annual EUROTOX Congress is hosted by one of the EUROTOX Member Societies.

Letters of intent must be made to the General-Secretary of EUROTOX, for consideration by the Executive Committee four (4) years in advance of the proposed date of the congress. 

The Business Council upon a proposal of the Executive Committee takes the final decision on the location of the Congress.   

Letters of intent (maximum of four pages) must contain the following information:
  • Brief overview of the member society organising the congress (number of members, executive board, general structure, etc.)
  • Agreement to work with EUROTOX’s Core Professional Congress Organisers (PCO) K.I.T. Group GmbH in the organisation of the 2023 congress.
  • Agreement to comply with EUROTOX’s regulations as indicated in Annex I: Guidelines for the Organisation of EUROTOX Congresses. 
  • Proposal of location and facilities (e.g. congress centre, university, etc.) to hold the congress. 
  • The proposed date of the congress. EUROTOX congresses are 3½ day meetings (starting Sunday and ending Wednesday half day) normally held from early September to late October. Alternative dates based on specific country requirements and clearly supported will be considered. 
  • A brief description of relevant and tangible benefits foreseen to the member society and key stakeholders in the geographic area hosting the congress, in particular:
    • Summary and goals of the event
    • Outreach by the member society to toxicologists in the geographic area/region
    • The probable impact of holding the congress in the geographic area/region, including strategic elements how the congress can help to facilitate scientific interchanges among toxicologists, scientific partners and key stakeholders, as well as promote professional and education development. 
The Executive Committee will evaluate all submissions and select the proposal(s) for ratification by the Business Council. In reviewing the submissions, the Executive Committee considers not only scientific and organisational issues, but also the history of the previous congresses, particularly their geographical distribution. 

Selected societies will be invited to present their bids during the annual Business Council meeting. Delegates will have five minutes and a maximum of 3 slides to present their bids.

Once the final venue has been selected, the member society will begin to draft a final, more detailed proposal under the coordination and guidance of the core PCO, and following the operation guidelines.
Letter of intent should be sent to the EUROTOX Secretary-General via email by JANUARY 30, 2019.