EUROTOX Fellowships for comprehensive training in Toxicology (ERT Courses)


EUROTOX Fellowships for comprehensive training in Toxicology (ERT Courses)

I. Purpose

There is an increasing need for highly qualified toxicologists in all European countries including the new EU member states and accession countries. EUROTOX has set standards of qualification by creation of the European Registered Toxicologist (ERT) in the early 90's, recently updated in the Guidelines for Registration 2016.  ERT courses in several countries offer comprehensive theoretical training required for qualification in Toxicology as ERT.

EUROTOX fellowships provide financial support and incentives for cross-border attendance of courses approved for ERT to individuals motivated for a career in toxicology, by providing

  • Travelling and accommodation costs
  • Course fees (mandatory in most ERT courses)

Basic and Specialised Toxicology courses financed by EUROTOX and organised by various national societies across Europe under the guidance of the EUROTOX Education and Registration SubCommittees are also eligible for fellowship support.

Support requested must be for attendance of an ERT course or module outside the applicant’s country of residence and currently recognized as providing training for ERT registration (as per guidelines  indicated above).

II. Eligibility


  • are MSc, or Ph.D. students in sciences related to Toxicology, or professionals such as employees of authorities, when employers certify to have no funds for supporting toxicological education of their employees. Employees of companies (e.g. SME) will be eligible only exceptionally, in justified cases,

  •  are motivated to pursue a career in Toxicology:       

a) Applicants beginning their theoretical ERT education will provide the following information:

Mantatory: personal statement (letter of motivation) why they want to study toxicology, curriculum vitae (CV), copies of relevant university certificates (e.g. bachelor, master, diploma, PhD), recommendation letter of one of the following: employer, university teacher, supervisor or other toxicological scientist who knows the applicant personally.

Optional: relevant documentation such as on previous attendance of toxicology-related courses, and/or on conduct of scientific or regulatory work broadly related to Toxicology, scientific publications or reports, any other relevant certificates or achievements.

b) Applicants already on the track for Registration: they have completed successfully at least one module of an ERT course as listed in Section B or can document involvement in practical training in toxicology (Section C of Guidelines for Registration 2016), success being documented by certificates, publications (incl. abstracts, posters) or reports/assessments, or recommendation letter of person responsible for the candidate’s  education. They will also provide a letter of motivation and a CV.

  • Candidates should be member of a national toxicology society or of EUROTOX. If the applicant was not previously supported by this program, a statement of willingness to apply for membership will be sufficient.
  • Good knowledge of English and of the course language, if different, is required and needs to be stated.

III. Applications, deadlines, decisions

  • Applications must contain the information listed above under II.
  • Course/module attendance is granted in writing by Course Director
  • E-mail and postal address and telephone must be indicated
  • Applications should be in electronic form and addressed to
  • Deadlines: Applications can be submitted twice per year based on the following deadlines:
  • 15 December 2018 for courses between 1 January and 30 June 2019
  • 31 May 2019 for courses between 1 July and 31 December 2019

Applications for more than one course/module are possible provided they fall within the specified period following the application deadline. Applicants who have missed a deadline but wish to attend a course in the following 6 month period are advised to contact before submitting a formal application.

  • Evaluation of applications and decisions will be made by EUROTOX Subcommittees Education and Registration.
  • Notification of applicants on the decision is expected within 4 weeks after the application deadline.
  • If more eligible candidates apply than can be funded, selection will be based on qualification criteria. Candidates on track for registration and candidates from countries offering no recognized toxicology training (e.g. Eastern and South Eastern European countries) will be preferentially selected.

IV.  Costs that can be covered. Reimbursement from EUROTOX

  • Travel costs (cheapest airfare available, incl. advanced booking)  and accommodation maximally € 600.00
  • Fee (if necessity is justified by course director)  maximally  € 400.00
  • Total per module and person (maximally) € 1,000.00

Upon justified request, expense support can be differently allocated to within the total amount of € 1000.00 per  weekly course.
Candidates requesting less than maximal support increase their chance of getting funded.

Reimbursements will be made upon notification from the candidate after his/her module attendance, with written confirmation by the course director. A bank account and compilation of costs, signed by the applicant, with all receipts, must be added. Claims must be sent to the EUROTOX Treasurer by the end of the 6 month period in which the course was attended (June 30 or December 31) at the latest.

V. Checklist for Applications

a) For beginners

  • Recommendation letter
  • Documentation of previous training/work related to Toxicology (if available)

b) For candidates already on track for Registration as ERT            

  • Documentation of preceding theoretical and/or practical training

c) For all applicants

  • Copies of University certificate(s) (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, PhD)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation
  • Name, location, date(s), duration of the cross-border course/module(s) attendance of which is planned  
  • Confirmation of admission + notification of fee by course director
  • Membership in a Toxicology Society (or statement of willingness to apply)
  • Statement on knowledge of English (and course language, if different)
  • e-mail, telephone and postal address
  • List of costs expected (lowest airfare available, or train 2nd class, accommodation, course fee (max 400.00 €), and indication of amount requested from EUROTOX (max 1,000.00 € per weekly module or course section)

For employed professionals of authorities (or SME, with justification): certification of  the director of his/her unit that they have no funds for complete or at least partial funding of their employees’ education

After end of course/module: Send refund claim to the EUROTOX Treasurer, with written confirmation of attendance by course director, bank account, list of expenses to be refunded, receipts of payments for travelling (ticket, boarding pass), accommodation, and course fee.