The congress of ” Société Française de Toxicologie” 2014


The congress of ” Société Française de Toxicologie” 2014

The congress of ” Société Française de Toxicologie”  was held in Annecy, France, under the title “Alerts and toxicological risks in 2014: Evaluation and Perception “.

This topic was already proposed in a previous congress, in 2007. Considering the success of such a congress, it has been decided to propose an updated approach.

  • Excipients in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • Food additives
  • New challenges in risk assessment
  • Update on recurrent controversies

Many discussions took place on some hot topics and issues, such as Bisphenol A, aspartame, pesticides, GMO, nanoparticles and genotoxicity, endocrine disruptors, impurities in pharmaceutical products, preservative in personal care products…They are too many to be cited here.

Among these scientific presentations a sociological point a view was developed, it was a good opportunity to think about implications and interactions of sciences, media, politics and public when facing or trying to prevent crisis.

More than 120 people attended the meeting, and 21 posters were presented.

As every year, some toxicological research works have been awarded: 2 posters received the poster price, and another price was attributed to a Ph.D research work. Société Française de Toxicologie is proud to help research. in toxicological sciences.

It was also the opportunity to discuss, exchange, meet colleagues and friends during a nice social event on the lake of Annecy.

Next year, congress will took place in Paris