EUROTOX membership can be obtain in one of three ways:


1) Become a member by joining a EUROTOX national member society

Refer to the EUROTOX Member Society list on the right hand side to identify a possible national society to join.  

Members of national societies affiliated to EUROTOX are given automatic membership once they become member of their local society.

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2) Become a EUROTOX Individual Member

EUROTOX has more than 200 individual members around the world. Most individual members are not affiliated to a European toxicology society, hence the title individual member. This is the easiest and faster route to become a member.

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3) Become a Corporate Membership

Corporate members are Industries and Institutions who wish to become member of EUROTOX to contribute and support the activities performed by EUROTOX. The EUROTOX EC decides regarding applications for corporate membership. The membership is established when a Corporate indicates its willingness to become a member, and is accepted by the EC. It will be effective as of the moment EUROTOX has received the yearly contribution in the number of units agreed upon.

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