After the winter break, we want to wish our members a good return back to their daily lives and a healthy and productive year. EUROTOX Executive Committee members are already engaged in several key initiatives. The first one is the upcoming joint meeting between SOT and EUROTOX Core members which is taking place in London, January 24-25. This is the first time SOT and EUROTOX members will be sitting together to discuss key toxicology issues affecting the USA and Europe respectively; in particular recognition of toxicologists and a long-term plan for future collaborative efforts.

The second important meeting taking place in Brussel, February 2-3, will tackle the drafting of the 2018 Brussels Scientific Programme. Chaired by the newly elected Vice-President, Prof. Heather Wallace, and the 2018 local organising members Prof. Dominique Lison and Dr. Miranda Cornet, along with Chairs of the Speciality Sections, the group will review a record number of 85 scientific proposals. Certainly a tough task given the number of interesting and innovative proposals submitted every year.

Soon after, we will be holding our winter meeting hosted by the Slovak Society of Toxicology (SETOX) in Bratislava, February 24-25. We are fortunate to have Dr. Helena Kandarova and Dr. Mojmir Mach coordinating the organisation details of the upcoming 2017 EUROTOX congress in September. 

As you can see, lots of activity taking place in the first quarter of 2017, resulting in tangible ramifications to implement in the months to follow. As we move forward this year, we hope that you too will experience and obtain many successful outcomes in 2017.

Best wishes,
Prof. Mumtaz Iscan