The call for scientific proposals for the EUROTOX 2019 Helsinki congress is under way


The call for scientific proposals for the EUROTOX 2019 Helsinki congress is under way

The EUROTOX 2019 Congress will be held in Helsinki, September 8-11, 2019. The congress theme is “Toxicology - Science providing solutions” and reflects our inclination to tackle topics dealing with new and emerging technologies, personalized medicine, epidemiology of exposure to chemicals, as well as environmental issues. Submissions in line with this theme are strongly encouraged.

Submission deadline: December 8, 2017

Send proposals to

Make sure to follow the general guidelines and use the official template



  • Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria: scientific quality, relevance, timeliness and completeness of the information (including details of all speakers, chairs, title, and short description).
  • Geographical distribution (not more than 2 speakers from the same country, except for CEC's)
  • The Congress Organization strongly encourages interaction between Academia-Industry-Regulators and interdisciplinary approaches (basic research, clinical/epidemiological, regulation) therefore we ask that you make every effort to include speakers from all mentioned organizations.


SYMPOSIA: aims to be topical or cutting edge scientific knowledge exchange with experts in the area presenting data from their research and answering questions from the audience.

  • Should be 2 hours and have 4 speakers.
  • The first speaker should set the scene for the symposium by explaining briefly the background to the topic before presenting his/her data.
  • The talks should be 25 minutes with 5 minutes for questions.  A total of 30 min per speaker.
  • The symposium needs a chair and co-chair.

WORKSHOP: aims to review a specific topic or area, providing state of the art opinions or presenting a controversial viewpoint, with a panel discussion as well as questions and answers being an integral part of the workshop.

  • Selected area of interest can include methods or technology topics.
  • Should last 2 hours and have 4 speakers giving in depth expertise.
  • Presentations should last 25 min.
  • There should be 20 min for Q & A in the form of a panel discussion (all 4 speakers) at the end of the presentations.
  • The Chair should introduce the topic and set the scene for the talks and discussion.
  • The workshop needs a chair and co-chair.

ROUNDTABLE: A discussion based session of 120 minutes with 4 participants. Only short presentations should be planned (5-10 minutes each presenter) with the majority of time allocated for open discussion with the panel and the audience.

CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSE (CEC): : An educational session where 4-6 experts in the field present a balanced view of established principles.  Proposers/chairs should ensure they work with individual speakers to achieve balance and prevent repetition.  Scheduled Sunday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, including coffee and lunch breaks.  

KEYNOTE LECTURE:   1 speaker, lasting a total of 45 minutes.  For international renowned leaders in the field to present recent hot topics or an authoritative overview of issues of broad interest.

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