Individual Member

EUROTOX has more than 200 individual members around the world. Most individual members are not affiliated to a European toxicology society, hence the title individual member.
All scientists interested in toxicology are eligible to apply for EUROTOX Individual Membership on the recommendation of two current EUROTOX members.

Individual members have the same benefits as member society members.


To apply for EUROTOX Individual Membership is easy and fast

  1. Download and complete the application
  2. Send it along with your professional curriculum to the EUROTOX Secretariat at
  3. Once ratified, pay your annual membership fee, currently set at EUR 25.

Individual member applications are ratified by the Business Council during the Business Council Meeting (BCM) held at the annual EUROTOX congress held during the second half of the year, so you’re encouraged to send your application prior to the congress date to avoid membership delays.

If you need a sponsorship for your application, please contact the EUROTOX Individual Member Delegate:

Dr. Nancy Claude