WHO has launched a series of three online courses on the OpenWHO platform on the topic of “Chemical and Biological Deliberate Events (CBDE)”.

Level 1: CBDE Awareness: Recognizing Signs of Deliberate Release of Chemical

Level 2: CBDE: Preparedness for Health First Responders

Level 3: CBDE: Preparedness for Public Health Professionals

The CBDE OpenWHO courses are free, open to anyone who registers with their email address, and are self-paced.


About the Chemical and Biological Deliberate Events Course Series

As the United Nations’ public health agency, WHO has an important role to play in the global public health response to events involving the possible deliberate use of biological and chemical hazards against a human population.
The Chemical and Biological Deliberate Events (CBDE) channel hosts online training to provide basic knowledge for managing the consequences of a CBDE. General awareness is needed to better understand, prepare, detect and respond to deliberate events.
Health care professionals will be among the key personnel responding to CBDEs, which will place exceptional strain on the health sector, so it is vital that public health personnel have a basic understanding of how to manage an effective response.

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