Global Outreach

EUROTOX promotes the exchange of scientific knowledge and collaboration in the field of toxicology with other European and International organisations.


Society of Toxicology (SOT)

EUROTOX's partnership with SOT goes back to the 1960's. Over the years, both societies have strengthen their collaboration, with talks about the status of toxicology training programs in Europe and the US and the curricular needs for toxicologists. Since the 1990's, the traditional SOT-EUROTOX debate held during the respective annual meetings, helps to address topics of interest and relevance. In 2018, the lecture exchange program (EUROTOX Lecture @SOT and SOT Merit Award @EUROTOX)  was established to help create greater awareness of topics of impact to toxicology among the local scientific community. 


International Society of Toxicology (IUTOX)

EUROTOX is a member of the International Society of Toxicologists (IUTOX) and participates in the IUTOX General Assembly. In addition, EUROTOX and IUTOX have an agreement to collaborate in the organisation of the International Congress of Toxicology (ICT) whenever it's held in Europe.


Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC)

EUROTOX joined the Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) in 2019. Supporting EUROTOX's mission, the mission of SLC is to improve the ability of societies to partner with other domestic and international organisations with to  advance science to improve human and environmental health.


Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)

Since 2018, SETAC and EUROTOX have engaged in offering respective society members a promotional discount to encourage the attendance of each other society's annual congress.


Collaborations with other EU organisations in support of early career scientists

EUROTOX serves a a forum for other European organizations to fulfill their mission to support early career scientists through the presentation of awards during the annual EUROTOX congress.

  • ECETOC Christa Hennes Award (EUR2,000) for toxicological research into mechanisms and risk assessment.
  • ESTIV (EUR 500) for in vitro / in silico toxicology research.
  • EPAA 3Rs student grants, and ecopa award for New Approach Methods (NAMs) research.

Over the years, EUROTOX has been supporting European early career scientists with travel fellowships to participate in the Gordon Research Conferences (GRCs) enabling graduate students and postdocs to experience the latest, cutting-edge research in fields ranging from physics to neurobiology, material science and engineering, to medicine.