About us

EUROTOX is the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology

We bring together 36 societies in 33 countries, represent nearly 6,000 members across Europe and more than 200 individual members from around the world.

"Our mission is to foster the science and education of toxicology, and influence regulatory and policy frameworks to promote the safety of humans, animals and the environment, and protect global health".

EUROTOX in a nutshell

Since 1989, EUROTOX fosters toxicology, both scientifically and educationally, across Europe by supporting numerous activities:

  • The annual congress serves as a forum to bring toxicologist together;
  • Awards to recognize outstanding professionals and encourage early career scientists;
  • European Register of Toxicologists (ERT);
  • Specialty Sections uniting members in specific toxicology domains;
  • Education program supporting advanced ERT training, and continuing education courses;
  • A Corporate Program building stronger public-private cooperation.

EUROTOX Official Journal - Toxicology Letters

Toxicology Letters

Toxicology Letters is the Official Journal of EUROTOX. Toxicology Letters is an international journal published by Elsevier for the rapid publication of short reports on all aspects of toxicology, especially mechanisms of toxicity. The current Impact Factor of Toxicology Letters is 3.479.

Read more about Elsevier Toxicology Letters here





More about us



Historically, EUROTOX has its roots in the European Society for the Study of Drug Toxicity, which was founded in 1962 in Zürich. The first annual scientific meeting was held in 1963 in Paris,



EUROTOX is a professional association engaged in promoting toxicological sciences in events and publications, and strengthen the standards and professional recognition of toxicologists across Europe.


Policies & Statements

Statements regarding the Ukraine conflict made by the EUROTOX Executive Committee and ratified by the EUROTOX Business Council during the ICT Maatricht Congress, September 2022.