Job Posting Services

Looking for toxicologists? We can help.

EUROTOX groups approximately 6,000 members across Europe and more than 200 individual members from around the world.

The cost for our posting services is EUR 800 per month. Discounts available for multiple postings or more longer campaigns.

If you are interested, download and return the completed agreement form to the EUROTOX Secretariat.

Thanks for supporting EUROTOX by using our job posting services.

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Job Posting Campaign includes

Our campaigns include posting on our website, our monthly newsletter and bi-weekly rotation in our social media network.

The EUROTOX newsletter distribution contact list includes more than 1,000 names from the following categories • Toxicology societies, • Universities, • OECD, • Pharma industry, • Government (Member States), • Chemical industry, • International associations, • Industry consortiums, • Scientific Partners, • Individual Members, and • EUROTOX Registered Toxicologists.

Our LinkedIn EUROTOX Toxicologist Group has over 3000 members, and we are are members of more than 27 groups covering a wide range of topics in toxicology.