EUROTOX Podcasts

The EUROTOX In2TOX podcast brings you the voices of those who are engineering change in toxicology. Explore the transformative potential of in vitro and in silico technologies by getting to know the people behind the science and how their work influences the way in which we look and interact with chemicals. Podcasts are developed and produced by Altertox Academy


Podcast Addict:

Episode #1 - Developmental Neurotoxicology (30 minutes)
Eliška Kuchovská, postdoctoral researcher at the Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine, transports us into the world of developmental neurotoxicology. In this episode we learn about the difficulties of studying the effect of chemicals on brain development and why quantitative
adverse outcome pathways and physiological maps can help.

Episode #2: Chemical Neurotoxicity (31 minutes)
Harm Heusinkveld, neurotoxicologist at the RIVM, the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, shares with us his in-depth knowledge of neurological disorders. In this episode, we discuss how toxicologists discovered that chemicals can affect the brain and why we still struggle to implement effective regulations reducing the risks associated with our exposure to neurotoxic chemicals.

Episode #3: Computational Toxicology (32 minutes)
Simón Perera del Rosario, business developer at ProtoQSAR, introduces us to the world of computational toxicology. In this episode, we will discover how he went from molecular anthropology to in silico technologies and why many still view these revolutionary tools as mysterious “black boxes”.