EUROTOX Education Program

I. Courses organized by EUROTOX

Introductory Training (One week duration)

EUROTOX funds Specialised Toxicology courses in collaboration with Member Societies to promote toxicology training in European countries at minimal cost. 


Continuing Education

Training activities typically deal with emerging toxicological topics and are provided in connection with the Annual Congresses (usually on the first day).

Further details can be found on the website of our annual congress.


II. Comprehensive Courses in Toxicology, approved for training as European Registered Toxicologist (ERT Courses)

ERT Courses offer in depth training in the major topics of toxicology according to Guidelines for Registration (Theoretical Training as described in section B of the Guidelines for Registration 2016).



III. Other Courses

This section may include general and/or specialised training at bachelor, master, PhD, and post-doc level, and continuining education courses organised by EUROTOX member societies, scientific partners or organisation.