What is European Registration of Toxicologists?


What is European Registration of Toxicologists?

The European Register of Toxicologists is a service of EUROTOX established in 1994. It constitutes a list of toxicologists who excel by high standards of education, skills, experience, and professional standing. The intention is to foster competence in practice and science and to provide to the public an authoritative source of information on toxicological competencies. Individuals who want to be registered and are found to comply with the requirements defined by EUROTOX and National Societies of Toxicology, and are accepted, are qualified to use the title EUROPEAN REGISTERED TOXICOLOGIST, ERT, with their name.

Registration is performed by a two-step procedure. First, National Registration boards in Europe evaluate applications of candidates according to a consensual process described in the ERT Guidelines for Registration (shown below) and admit successful applicants to the national register. Second, upon request of the national register, EUROTOX will register these individuals in the EUROTOX ERT register, and issue a certificate as EUROPEAN REGISTERED TOXICOLOGIST (ERT).

ERT are listed by EUROTOX according to their country and date of registration or re-registration. Currently, EUROTOX lists almost 1500 toxicologists as ERT.
Qualified toxicologists recognized as ERT are now working in a wide array of different fields (drug, nutritional, chemical and environmental safety, risk assessment and risk management, basic research, clinical and occupational toxicology, etc). To cope with the diverse needs in these different fields the Guidelines for Registration envisage training in the basic topics of toxicology, and in addition offer numerous options for specialisation.

Appropriate ERT courses are available in various European countries, see EDUCATION, Courses Approved for ERT training → ERT Courses / Training Programmes currently offered in Europe

Advantages of being ERT:

  • High quality training courses with harmonized programs are available in many European countries and institutions
  • High professional competence of ERTs is recognized Europe-wide / world-wide
  • Many employers prefer ERTs for specific jobs. Therefore more job opportunities are available for ERTs
  • EUROTOX strives for official recognition of ERT by governmental authorities and other institutions

Course organisers interested to submit their courses for recognition can use the following application (when you click on the link, the document will download directly to your download folder).