Registration Sub-Committee

Chair Corrado L. Galli Italy
Member Gianni Dal Negro  UK
Member Werner Brueller Austria

The EUROTOX SC Registration is responsible for all activities of EUROTOX related to define the common requirements of the EUROTOX model of registration “European Registered Toxicologist” (ERT).

To achieve this goal

  • It  developed the common requirements of the EUROTOX model of registration “European Registered Toxicologist” defining five basic conditions for registration:
  1. An academic degree in a related subject
  2. Theoretical knowledge of major areas of toxicology
  3. A minimum of 5 years of practical experience
  4. Current professional engagement in toxicology
  5. Renewal at 5 years intervals 
  • It selected Comprehensive Courses in Toxicology, approved for training as European Registered Toxicologist (ERT Courses) currently offered in Europe that have been evaluated by national registers and are approved by the EUROTOX Subcommittees for Education and for Registration.
  • It developed detailed guidelines (the European Registered Toxicologist) for content and processes of registration and re-registration to improve harmonisation among national registration systems.

SECTION A contains the formal requirements and procedures for registration. The emphasis is put on the need for candidates to demonstrate their knowledge in the core disciplines of toxicology regardless of the way in which it is obtained.

SECTION B describes the different fields of theoretical knowledge relevant for registration. The update reflects scientific progress and the increasing need for specialisation. Core (obligatory) topics (currently 14) and specialised (elective) topics (currently 9, to be expanded in future) were partly re-organised and re-phrased. Contents and learning outcomes of all topics in B are provided in Annex 1 of these Guidelines.

SECTION C lists areas of practical training and experience (with some updates) and how these can be documented.

SECTION D contains requirements for maintenance of registration (“re-registration”). The requirements for granting of re-registration are now described in more detail.

SECTION E describes status and functions of the National Registering Committee.

SECTION F specifies the tasks and functions of EUROTOX, in particular the subcommittees on education and registration, in assisting national societies on education and registration matters. Criteria for the recognition of educational courses have been developed and are provided in Annex 2 of these Guidelines.

  • It explicit goal is to achieve formal recognition of qualified toxicologists - ERT as a professional qualification by competent bodies in Europe and worldwide to ensure the safety of society in general.